4P Project Management Fundamentals

4P Project Management Fundamentals

The 4P Project Management Method has been developed based on years of project management experience using many industry standards.  Knowing this structured and scaleable Project Management approach will give your project managers key skills and tools to deliver their projects on time, within budget and to the desired outcome.   

This one day course is suitable for new project managers just starting to run their own projects and also for more experienced project managers who want to learn a new methodology and revitalise their project management skills. 

Is this Project Management Course for you?
You don't know where to begin?
You want to learn fast?
You want to get it right every time?
You want to teach your team the basics of project management?

Topics Project Planning
1. Objectives and scope
2. Assessing benefits of ROI
3. Scheduling and critical path
4. Estimated resources, timelines and costs



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